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[keygenme] keygenme 2


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yeah, that looks like a off-by-4 bug to me, too.

Looks like you are comparing the return address instead of the serial dword.




00402929                         .  3985 9CFCFFFF                 CMP DWORD PTR SS:[EBP-364],EAX




0012F554      2A323106 //value that is in eax, too0012F558      E9988CC8 //actual part of serial0012F55C      77F16BF2  RETURN to GDI32.77F16BF2 //some return addresss



EAX=2A323106Stack SS:[0012F55C]=77F16BF2 (GDI32.77F16BF2)


Or mybe it`s just a nifty trick? ;)


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looks like you are running into issues with the obfu/antidebug (used BeaJunker macros ported to C) :< If people prefer, I could leave the packing code as-is and remove the obfu in the checking code? Not sure why it would be interfering though.

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For my hardware




was intending the crackme to be HWID based, should have added a HWID label in the crackme :<

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