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How to Play chiptune with uFMOD in C# application?


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Hi guys,

i very confused for play a chiptune from resource with UFMOD in C# !
How to do this?
Thanks all for the support and sorry for my bad english!! :D:sorry:

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but why do you know a video tutorial ?


there is an attached PDF in that topic that should help you.


C# and VB.NET sources are also included.

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Hi Kurapica ( very important for me )

I want to POc_VB > "DynamicLoader.dll" orjinal code without dll because I want to learn this xm player in vb.net without dll.So I give orjinal code to me.If very special,You send message to me please dude...

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I converted the original C# class into a dll so that you can use it in any other language like VB.NET.


the original class code can be seen in Reflector, but It won't work in VB.NET language as a source code file because this


hack uses Unsafe code feature which is not supported in VB.NET, if you are interested in such weird stuff, you should learn C# or just use


the compiled DLL in your vb.net application.

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