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NH KeyGenMe#7 SourceCode :)


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Hi everyone,
you may remember my last keygenme that I have ever made which was NH KeygenMe#7 , it was my favorite one till now :ltongue: Capture2.png    Capture.pngSo I decided lately to share its source code for only 2000$ B) naaaaah I'm just joking ,anyway as I told you i decided to share its source code since a lot of guys out there wanted the SC and I wasn't able to share it since I lost it , till I found it lately ,so I hope it will help you both in coding and reversing :P  I just added some comments so you will understand what's going on , it could be a good template for newbies to start with even if the code is little bit complicated ;)  but nevertheless everyone is invited to give it a try and as usual if you have any kind of problems I'd be happy to give a hand :D
P.s: I suggest to you to reverse it before viewing its source code ^_^Best Regards


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