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[KeygenMe] KeygenMe v1.2


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There's nothing to keygen =,= Serial can be anything just require len < 14d, require one 2D char :) like watthis-man-? should work :D 5 < len name < 21

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Name : Anything between 6 to 20 chrs long

Serial : Anything in xxxxxx-xxxxxx format

Also uses a sha1 and a bugged md5, not sure what to say really, just a bit disappointing. :bye2:

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the password can be anything  with char "-"  and  14 < len > 3  For example: 123-trhy7u or 1-0 ))

"-" should not be the last.... 

sha1 & md5 .... It was for confusion)


Hi, ChOoKi, why  md5 buggy?

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As shown in attached image, string to be hashed was '123456' yet result is incorrect, at first I thought you modified some MD5 values, but nothing seemed so, so I had a closer look at the hash buffer itself and noticed the vectors being placed wrongly there making them part of the data to be hashed and therfore effecting the outcome result.




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