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[Keygenme]Levis's .NET Keygenme03


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Hello all,

Here's my new keygenme. Hope you will like it :)

Name: Levis's .NET Keygenme03
Language: vb.net
Protection: I tried to obfuscate it manually, not base on any tools, or any techniques, just write code from my mind :D . But it takes a lot of time and don't know how good it is (maybe i'm so noob)
Level: i think it's level 2 or 3
Require: Make a working keygen and then Please write a tutorial(if you prefer).
A sample working serial:


Name: Hello2013Serial: a93e63e9a06d969723a89fc695823284

Link download (or attached file):


Enjoy and best regards,

Levis's .net keygenme03.exe.zip

Edited by Levis
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Oh, thank for reporting that. I set up the word "invalid" to catch the exception in a function, but maybe i forgot to handle exception in others. The code really makes me confused because i don't make any comment for each line in my source

Btw, well done, mate :)

Edited by Levis
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