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90$ XSS Worm Project


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This is a school project (educational purpose), so I don't care about hacking any website. Its a bit over my head so thats why I am posting this project.Basically I need to reproduce the ''Samy worm'' known also as "myspace worm" in a controlled environment. Requierements
For starters I need a "mini" myspace/facebook to test the worm. 
To make it simpler , there are some free social networks available like Ellg, Oxwall that you can use.
(I have an old version of Oxwall already vulnerable to basic XSS) 
Or you can make it vulnerable yourself by editing it. (I know for sure that this is possible) 
Or maybe its easier for you to build it from scratch implementing only the basic needed functions. 
This is your choice, but at the end I need a social network platform to test the worm. The worm
The worm needs to be profile-based which spreads through an information field on the profile.XSS worm payload 
- spreading and infecting other profiles just by visiting an infected profile 
- makes users friend "my account" (samy worm example)
- post to user wall something (samy worm)
- any addition are welcomed Report
Because I need to make also a report about it, I need at the end some explanations about how/what you did. Final notes
Here is a very nice tutorial on the hackforums made by AntiPaste that contains some parts that I need : 


I am really serious about it and I am expecting serious offers from skilled users with background solid knowledge. After the project is finished I am planing to make a tutorial about it and give back something to the forum :)Payment will be made via PayPal (or any method you prefer) after a demonstration (Teamviewer or something similar) that everything is working smoothly as supposed to. If all goes well the payment can be bumped up a little. :)


I hope I don't break any rules with this posting:)

Anyone interested?? I am waiting :)

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Let me get this straight:You want to pay somebody to do your 'school project' of recreating an XSS worm for you as it is 'over your head' but once it is completed you will write a tutorial about it to give back to the community because the work you have payed for will enlighten you?Seems legit...HR,


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Pay for help?

Make a worm in a "test" environment

Then publish thesis...

Setup your "lab environment"

Find the "exploit" or make one

And publish the thesis ...

Come on you can do it

The hardest part of a worm, is the exploit...

And you shouldn't need to pay ...

How far are you now out of curiosity sinceyou posted this back in December of last year

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This sounds too ludicrous to be true, surely?..... ghandi covered it nicely. Where you getting $90 from if you're too dumb and lazy to do your own school project anyways?

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