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[crackme] crackme visual basic net


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Keygen check method:

         private void method_0(object sender, EventArgs e)
            if (Operators.CompareString(this.vmethod_3().Text, "shockwawe" + this.vmethod_5().Text, false) == 0 == Conversions.ToBoolean("12345"))


And the working answer:

Text1: shockwawe

Text2: (Leave this one blank.)


Looking at how it compares, there is basically an unlimited number of solutions. As long as the first box contains the first string I mentioned above, anything you add afterward just needs to also be added to the 2nd box such as:


Text1: shockwawe1256352!#%$#^%^twegsfbgfyjr

Text2: 1256352!#%$#^%^twegsfbgfyjr

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great my friend thank you but  i need unpacked net reactor not reversing  and thank you for this tip about vb i am just start to learn vb and c#

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