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[KeygenMe] KeygenMe#8


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Name : KeygenMe#8
Language : Autoit
Level: ?????
Packer: Not
Obfuscation: Yes
Rules: Keygen
Not Patching
Not Serial Fishing
Not Self-Keygen






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My keygen:



$form = GUICreate("KeygenMe - by atom0s", 300, 100) 

$key = GUICtrlCreateInput( "KeyHere", 5, 5, 250, 20 );

$name = GUICtrlCreateInput( "NameHere", 5, 25, 250, 20 );

$serial = GUICtrlCreateInput( "", 5, 50, 250, 20 );

$exit = GUICtrlCreateButton( "Close", 5, 75, 250, 20 );



Func DoSerial()

   $Var0387 = GUICtrlRead($key) ; key

   $Var0388 = GUICtrlRead($name) ; name


   $Var038A = Fn000D($Var0387, $Var0388, 0x6801)

   $Var038B = $Var038A

   $Var038C = Fn0007($Var038B)

   $Var038D = Fn000F($Var038C, $Var0364)


   GUICtrlSetData( $serial, $Var038D );



While 1

   $msg = GUIGetMsg();

   Switch $msg

Case $name


Case $exit 





This is with the code from the actual keygen removed since it uses a lot of random things. Attached is a working copy of mine.


Edited by atom0s
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Perfect Keygen, Brother. Thanks.


PS.: I found a small error, (Input Key) which went unnoticed by me. Now fix the source code, I added a condition, but I decided to leave the keygen like that.

The important thing is fun.



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