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Playing an Sid music and load dll from Resource VB 2008 Help


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does somebody have a idea int his issue?

How can I load a working dll to play sid files from ressource.

Have anybody some source code in this issue?

I hope somebody could hellllp me.

Thanks a lot.



P.s. Some keygen sourcecode witch playing music is helpful too. thanks. ;-)

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Kurapica : Please vb.net :( :(


Did yu notice that my example above uses SID-REsource?

The replayer in it is not a dll, its a static lib in the cli-wrapper folder!

I think yu should check the post again! :cc_confused:

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hmi222 : I'm very sorry brother because ı didn't make in vb.net project.Kurapica's "POC_Fmod" project very nice but vb.net not convert because very different :( Can ı help your,please :(

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Man, you should have known that my original project was written in C# because this trick requires Unsafe Code features ! I can't convert the same code to VB.NET and you probably have no idea why !

anyway I converted the C# Class into a DLL //"DynamicLoader.dll"// which can be used by any .NET language and I hope this will stop you from sending more private messages to me !

Just give some credit if you use my code !

Have phun.


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  • 3 months later...



thanks for your help.


it there a example in asm oder c++?


every help would be great for me.





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