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[KeygenMe] KeygenMe#6


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Another simple example. I'll await the gentlemen with their solutions.

good fun and good luck


Name : KeygenMe#6

Language : Autoit

Level: ?????

Packer: MPRESS v2.19

Obfuscation: Yes

Rules: Keygen

Not Patching

Not Serial Fishing


KeygenMe#6 v2.19.rar

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Level: 0.1 (aka no brain needed aka even a zombie can do it and it tooks 4 minutes to do)

Quick lame keygen attached.

But it made me discover AutoIt language ;)


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Level: 0.1 (aka no brain needed aka even a zombie can do it and it tooks 4 minutes to do)

Quick lame keygen attached.

But it made me discover AutoIt language ;)

self-keygen?, could have put it in the rules.

A type of unnecessary comment how this exist more 5 waiting to be solved by people with that kind of sarcasm. Promote themselves over things easy is something for beginners.

Sorry if being coarse, I found your comment is coarse too Needless. Anyone who says what he wants hears what not want.

I hope you read, before anyone edit.



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This is not a self-keygen since it has been recompiled.

AutoIt is like .NET, you can have decompiled plain source code... I could have rewritten the function in any language, I could have changed the template as I want, it's just esthetic. Maybe you would have been happy if I rewrote the whole functions. But is it interesting translating autoIt code to C#/C++ ? No.

Maybe if I changed the template you wouldn't have been so rude ?

But again :

- this is not a self-keygen since I got source then recompiled [the only other way to make a keygen is to rewrite the function, useless as s***]

- the level for keygenning is 0.1 as with the actual tools you can decompile and directly get the key generation function (it's like finding a key generation function in a .NET app and not use it)

- I do not pretend to be a RE master (I even said it was a lame keygen), and I've nothing to be proud of in this keygen. I used a tool, edited 4 lines and used another tool to edit. To the fact I used a decompiler you can say "errr too easy you used tools". Yep, but you might use OllyDBG, which is a tool; you might use Reflector which is a tool. You didn't take the time to see how it's work. So did I with the autoIt decompiler. You're threatening me as a noob who wants to tell he is the best, I never claimed it.

Thank you again for this nice gratuitous attack (almost insulting without any good reason), I'll stay cracking my own soft and I will never post in any others keygenme you'll make.

If you directly have a source code by decompiling an exe, will you entirely recode the key generation system that is already in plain text in front of you ?

Admit it, autoIt code is like C# and you can easily get back the functions to recode anything from it.

You wrote this to make me feel ashamed, I don't. I don't have to be ashamed of what I've done. This is really a 0.1 level for keygenning and it would have been the same for a real software.

I don't promote myself, I'm in a nice team with nice people, I'm doing what I want and I don't need anything else. I'm just here for fun, not to get a god reputation. I don't need an e-penis.

== Here's an awful, but different, keygen... happy now that it is a different template ? ==


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you do or not keygen, I do not care....adds nothing to me. I replied to your comment, I Did not Like, and gave my opinion, ready. I do not owe anybody satisfaction.

want to be writing another 9 or 10 lines to express yourself, do what you think is necessary.


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I don't think you even read my whole answer.

I know this algo may have took you time and you expected more than my solution, but this is a bad implementation (even if it was the best algo ever thought; nevermind how good is a protection, a keygenme has not to be the hardest possible, and making it easy is not a fail).

You are still rude in your answers but you still don't give me no reason to understand how bad what I did was even if I don't really hope that you'll think about it or give me any good reason; and that you'll just rage.

So, again and ultimate question, what did I do wrong ? I decompiled your algo (and whatever you say, I'm sure plenty of people on this board will also say that a "if serialentered = function(name) then goodboy" are the easiest algos to keygen since you just have to rip the function and put it in a keygen...) and made a keygen from it. Wasn't it the goal of this post, reverse the kgnme to do a keygen ?;

Maybe you wanted us to understand the algo to keygen it, but in this goalthe implementation is quite bad. A software with such a protection would be keygenned in minutes too.

Whatever, don't worry this is my ultimate post and ultimate line in one of your thread as you don't think to accept your algo can be just decompiled, ripped of and put in a keygen without thinking.

See you and enjoy life.

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