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So i ripped the textscroller part with ida and pasted in a masm project.

Ripping stuff is an art in itself, it's not as easy as you might think.. ;)

You ripped only one small method. You are missing everything that is related to initializing scroller and timer and lots of other stuff.

I almost fixed everything but there is 1 thing i can't.

Look into Olly (or in IDA highlight "psizl._cx" and press "K"):

call ds:GetTextExtentPoint32A
add esi, [esp+10h]

but that will not help you for the reasons I mentioned above.

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Hehe yeah I thought already that I have add some initialize things ofcourse :D

thanks for fixing the error :)

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Ok, i ripped mostly all scroller codes, but im pretty new to this so still don't get it working. (Need a lot of help i guess :P)

That's a point i can't follow. Why making work for yourself in getting ripped stuff to work, instead of learning how

to programm the stuff. here are so many sources available to learn. What about with your creditz in your scroll:

"Thanx for let me ripping your stuff" ...bla bla bla.

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This c++ source is really simply written and is simply to translate it in Masm32

you must not ripp the source from the exe.

Why make you a ripp? coding a new scroller and you understand it better how a scroller works

or you translate this c++ Source

And what is the Password of your archive?

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Well the point is not to recode it it masm. but to rip and got it working. You asked why ripping? Normally I don't rip ofcourse, but sometimes I see a app which I want to keygen but they usses moddyfied crypto's, when I don't know how to reproduce the moddified crypto's, i want to rip that part. So actually I want to learn, thats all :smartass:

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