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read char from int string


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hii all...

iam new here,. i still learn for c++

i have some question.

how bout this, i have 1 structure

i32 Index;
i32 Total_Character;
str[len=Total_Character] "Text";

how to make some cpp header for that structure

i make one

int Index;
int Total_Character;
char Text[Total_Character];

but still error when compiling

thanks before

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struct YourStructName
int Index;
int Total_Character;
char *yourString;

With this way you will need to alloc some memory on runtime depending on the size of the string ( you could also use a default size like 255 or something else - would be char yourString[255] then ). To alloc memory you can use malloc or the new operator.

But donĀ“t forget to free it later ;).


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