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I've started unique job board for IT security experts in such fields as reverse code engineering (RCE), malware analysis, low level development, penetration testing, ethical hacking, computer forensics.


Visit us at - http://www.compusecjobs.com

It's been announced on major underground forums, irc #, twitter, news sites, antivirus private working groups, facebook, so it's a great place to find talented people.

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Try to gather them yourself first to fill the db. That'll attract visitors and eventually generate content. Good idea but needs some effort.

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Most high-pay contractors go through freelancing sites, old RE forums like this, or twitter or linkdn(?) of popular RE people. Without a managed DB you'll never get real talent using your site..

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Agree with quosego, you want to launch website first fill it. Dont offer an empty glass, just fill it with beer. Everyone will appreciate tht.

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