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wow nice work !!

how did you that ??

i thought all licensing management is moved to ring0

i didn't thought that it will be solved at least not so fast like this since ring0 protections are always quite hard

nice work again LCF-AT.

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It's easy. There aren't any antidumps. And my old methods work fine.

005B7734 509591BE ¾‘•P should be 333370D5 is_reg dword_1
00416737 098B42B9 ¹B‹. Is_reg dword_2

Set them when the VM checks for correct licensing. @

006E0134						 ^\E9 9786FFFF			 JMP 006D87D0

It's not moved to ring0.. It's still where it used to be..

My VM interpreter output:

CMP ECX,EDX || EAX; 00000106, ||| ECX; 509591BE, ||| EDX; 333370D5, ||| EBX; FF926301, // As you can see the correct value is 333370D5
CMP ECX,EDX || EAX; 00000106, ||| ECX; 098B42B9, ||| EDX; 2A3B16EF, ||| EBX; FF926101, // Checks which error occured. (HWID in this case) if it passes this'll be skipped.
CMP ECX,EDX || EAX; 00000106, ||| ECX; 098B42B9, ||| EDX; 41B0E024, ||| EBX; FF925E01,
CMP ECX,EDX || EAX; 00000106, ||| ECX; 098B42B9, ||| EDX; 4B89D694, ||| EBX; FF925C01,

Attached is a proper inline not using a loader. And only a 3 dword patch which is at the ep so people can investigate it. It does require the license. Also removed the EP obfuscation for clarity. Also it doesn't crash if the license is removed.




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