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[Keygenme] Levis's .NET Keygenme


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Hello all mates,

Here's the new keygenme, for who want to playing with dotNET application.

Name : Levis's .NET keygenme02

Language : MS VB.NET

Level: ?/10

Packer: N/A

Rules: No patch, no fish, only keygen accepted

Download it here and hope you enjoy it




Thanks for trying

Edited by Levis
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Thanks for trying this :)

Here're 2 solution for it, i got them in other forums (where i posted this keygenme):

whoknows at Bl@ckStorm:


and riverstore at Cin1:


Can't find a tutorial about it, sorry :(

Enjoys and best regards

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I'd almost finished it ,.. but getting some exception ,..!!

I'm not good with Encryption yet and still learning .NET...

Hopefully somebody will make a tutor soon before i learn it myself ,..!!

Thanks for those solutions !! :)

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