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Help to recover lost MASM source code...


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I was working on a timer program recently, and I stored the entire contents of the source code

on my flashdisk. Unfortunately, While i was using another 'foreign" computer, the antivirus

or something nuked my source code silently, and it was only after copying several large files

on/off the disk that I noticed my source was missing. I tried data recovery (Recuva/etc) but

none of them even detected the files.

So all I have left is the release version binary :( I tried TMG Ripper studio with no success at

getting the ripped code to work, but I think that there should be some way of getting at least

some working code back ..... The program was made in MASM32 with uFMOD.

Could someone please help me recover the source? It doesn't have much data, only some

variables, handles, strings and several large empty/non-initialized buffers.

Only TIMER.EXE has the lost source. I still have the source for schedit.exe. It, and SCHED_DATA.dat are just

included so the program works properly...

Thanks :)



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I had to recover some data off a flash drive and several programs wouldn't work. I dumped the flash drive to an image file, like a raw copy. Similar to sector by sector of a hard drive. Mounted the image as a drive and then I could recover most of that data. I am trying to find the name of the software I used. EaseUS is coming up but that doesn't look the same as I what I used. It might have been from Runtime, DiskExplorer. The drive that I have the software on is packed up. If I can remember which one I'll post a link.

edit: R-Studio ..http://www.data-recovery-software.net/

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