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Looking for a light weight debugging engine API


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Hey guys, Im looking to see if there is a light weight C/C++ debugging engine api for Windows out there? Something capable of handling BP's and such, nothing fancy, this is for a small PoC tool im working on and was wondering before i decided if i needed to just write a small debugging engine on my own. I am only aware of TitanEngine which has such an interface, but TitanEngine is abit much for this purpose. Thank you.

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you could use the titan engine source and only compile the needed parts in your code...

I will also search in my bookmarks, I believe there is a good example.

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ok thanks Exodia, yea deepzero the more i look around the less i see anything other than titanengine, Ive already got a static build of the titan library built, so if there are no other alternatives, i may just go with it.

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