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[keygenme] Keygenme 7 [C# Series]


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"code" must to be typed in as you are using a random number to generate it. I could have the keygen auto generate the ProcessorID hash but i felt there was no need to as you code already did that. Name is not required for serial to work.

Every time I enter the details as generated from your keygenme I get a valid serial with my keygen so i don't understand why you get Failed.

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Well this was just too easy... All it does is take portions of both code1 and code2 and sticks them together with some hardcoded text. Not that much of a challenge but a nice opportunity to polish your programming skills. ;)

Since I'm not allowed to upload files yet (?), I've uploaded my keygen (made in C++) to mediafire: http://www.mediafire...49j4a414ij0lue. The password for the RAR is "Pr0c3ss".

Post if you'd like the source code. :)


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