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Hexidecimal to Decimal


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Hi :)

Recently i've started a project which requires displaying output as a decimal number in ASCII characters.

I've done the Hex value - to - ascii char thing but conversion of the number ... say - 2012 from hex (which is 0x07dc)

to a decimal number displayed on the screen (2012) is a bit more difficult.

Example : eax == 07dc i want to display in a messagebox the decimal value of eax. how do i make it decimal?


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Here is a function of me coded for Delphi performing that task, I hope it could be helpful:

function IntegerToString(Quantity: Int64): String;
Remainder: Integer;
Result := '';
Remainder := Quantity MOD 10;
Result := Chr(Remainder + Ord('0')) + Result;
Quantity := Quantity DIV 10;
until Quantity = 0;
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