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[UnpackMe] FastPack 1.7


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unpack script for writefileA/resume...


in the dumped.exe edit the oep to be 00401735 with lord pe or CFF explorer


checking:post was unpacked, checking in the board the same name and was founded the script by LCF with tutorial, interesting reversing :D

script+tut for version 1.2 (funtional in 1.7)


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It works!

Nice shot :)


Just as a "pro tip":

The OEP is stored in EDX after these loops:

00401350 |> /AD /LODS DWORD PTR DS:[ESI]
00401351 |. |2BD0 |SUB EDX,EAX
00401353 |.^\E2 FB \LOOPD SHORT FastPack.00401350
00401355 |. 8B03 MOV EAX,DWORD PTR DS:[EBX]
00401357 |> 3B03 /CMP EAX,DWORD PTR DS:[EBX]
00401359 |.^74 FC \JE SHORT FastPack.00401357

Greets :)


D'oh! Didn't notice the tut from LCF! Well, thanks fot the tip :D

This way we have more solutions to one problem, which is great :D

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