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reading data from the memory of the running program


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weather watcher live (vb 5/6 native code) offline software is running, dew point and temperature values ​​I need to use the memory as a continuous variable to another program( c++ or masm,radasm ),I need to write a program like this, but how I can write. Can you help me in this subject.I'm sorry for my english is bad, I hope you understood my question.


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thank you , i find using api but vc++ 2008 different 2010 different 2012 different and i look masm but i cant find useful material , Where should I look for samples or for similar applications.game cheat codes( money,health,ammo etc.) for software similar to this subject during my research as I could see.

I'm grateful for your help.

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The system API does not change in usage between versions of Visual Studio.

As for examples of using ReadProcessMemory, use Google and look for stuff like:

- 'C++ trainer example'

- 'C++ ReadProcessMemory example'

And so on.

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