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Russia Square And Swap Mine Game Source Code


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I wrote two games in masm32 by myself, one is the Russia Square, the other is swap mine.

I think writing game is not very difficult, and these games' source code will help you coming into the game world.

Please read the source code by yourself if you like these game.


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They're great examples however I can't read your comments.. So generally I thought hmmm nice code, no idea what it does though unless I go through it properly. Which I couldn't really put in a comment.

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Unfortunately I can't read your comments however the source code is neat and tidy so I appreciate not only that but I thank you for sharing the source code.

I've never programmed in MASM but I think these are good examples of two simple games.

Just as a side note to anyone that's curious: Russia Square is the same as Tetris and Swap Mine is the same as Minesweeper...

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