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Tuts 4 You

tuts4you content filtered by ESET NOD!


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Maybe it checks the text on the site ? But why is it that you use an antivirus ? The only people I know use one and need it are friends who have very little experience with computers and surfing the web in general.

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Eset has added this site to the blacklist

because there Ilegal software script is available for download.

haha stupid company

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Teddy Rogers

I am contacting ESET about this both to remove the block and to find out why it was put on.

Ironically I use NOD32 myself and have Tuts 4 You in my white list so I wouldn't have known until someone reported it so thanks for letting me know. Do you know how long NOD32 has had the site blocked?


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It just started today. No issues 8 hours ago. So update 7387 or 7386 20120815

I've had a few pages that deal with RCE get flagged, they normally remove it pretty quick. Sometimes they reply with a reason that is normally with a program that injects itself into the kernel, blah blah. I will submit it also.

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Teddy Rogers

I did a bit of searching of the site to see if I could find out what had triggered the block and I found a normal HTML page where it was picking up a false positive as being ScrInject.B.Gen. Fortunately I stopped there because I got a timely and kindly reply from ESET team which, I want to thank them for their prompt reply.

Dear Teddy Rogers,

The site was blocked because of a file detected as Win32/Injector which was an error due to the nature of the site. I have removed the block and added your domain to our cleanset so it doesn't happen again. The change will be effective with our next signature update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I take this (unfortunate) opportunity to thank you for maintaining the site, it is a great resource to learn reversing.


ESET Malware Response Team


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... I got a timely and kindly reply from ESET team which, I want to thank them for their prompt reply.

Heads up for eset team.

Classy response unlike some other companies who never reply to repeated/justified complaints like Kaspersky to name just one.


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