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[keygenme] CybotX's Keygen Me


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Teddy Rogers

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@ Mike.X. : Dude, this "thing" is "Unbreakable!!!", why? cuz it comes with major bugs, so you might wanna:

a ) re-write the whole thing :wallbash: or ......

b ) ... destroy it :blowup:

If unsure, try debugging it and see for yourself :peace:

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sorry for the late... reply

btw didnt you read ? "i m posting this keygen me on my friend CybotX's behalf"

cheers and yeah nice use of smiley lol

BTW if anyone is trying to keygen it here's some useful info from the Author CybotX

Here's CybotX's reply

bugs? hehe, you don't face the bugs while executing it without a

debugger. But if you do then please report it.

Here :

Name : CybotX

ID : X3812395

Serial : 3BC9E8BA1C874897-0a43d33523db3313-c2d83d33f8900585

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Dear Mike.X, thank you for your reply and for CybotX's comments, here are my findings using a debugger (so far):

Start by checking these two lines (keep an eye on the registers):

00405354 |. 0FBE15 B87C4600 |MOVSX EDX,BYTE PTR DS:[467CB8]

00405361 |. 0FBE05 B67C4600 |MOVSX EAX,BYTE PTR DS:[467CB6]

Next, check the CRC32 lookup table as it actually gets overwritten by pevious calls prior to its use.

All in all, this challenge is fun and an easy one to keygen (if it wasn't for the bugs) and despite the heavily moded hashes (nothing but time consuming) it remains a simple one, example:

name : ChOoKi


ser : 1E2F6EEW1X2DWTAD-0A43D33523DB3313-170A55ACB96EA4BD

The issue I am raising here and this might be noted by most of the honarable members here and other forums, is:

Would you or would you not agree that the author/poster of a challenge should bare the responsibilty of ensuring the following:

a ) the challenge should be free of bugs, memory leaks, registry modifications.

b ) the challenge should/can be solved using common/practicle methods/tools and in a reasonable amount of time.

c ) the challenge should not cause, and in any way, hidden/undesired software/hardware changes without the consent of other members.

The truth is that no SANE person would want to spend hours examining a challenge, making notes about it only to find out at later stages that it conflicts with one (or more) of the three points highlighted above.

Finally, I for one appreciate the time CybotX has put in making this challenge for the rest of us and I am sure that he (as others do) will understand how disappointing it is when a bug or two slip through, and as you see that's why I asked the question in my previous post.

Best of luck


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