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TastenTrick - Legally "crack" this software for your own usage

Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers

Christian Deneke, the author of a piece of software called TastenTrick which, allows you to take notes has allowed reverse engineers to legally crack his program.

There are two ways to obtain the fully functional program. The first is obviously to buy it. But there is another way, in case you know a bit about reverse engineering. If you are able to crack the software and make it functional, you got yourself a license for this program.

Being able to crack, means that you should be able to do it yourself and not just apply some program you downloaded somewhere. ;)

The "crack it, keep it" rule only applies to individuals, not to corporations.

Have a nice day

You can find a download of TastenTrick here...


Please remember even though he said it is free to crack lets respect good software and support developers...


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