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PTK Player Library (Protrekkr Replay V2.5.4 by hitchhikr)


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here's another player lib, and I guess it comes with one of the best

compromises between audio quality and size. The sound is awesome,

but don't get fooled by the size of the included sound module examples

(.ptp files), because they already come in a ready-to-get-compressed format.

While these files may have a bigger size than their .ptk counterparts,

they're internally organized to maximize packing ratio so using a any generic

data compressor on them will produce a much smaller file than what could be

achieved by packing a .ptk file.

Check out the homepage for further info: http://code.google.com/p/protrekkr/

All credits to hitchhikr ofc.. a real magician.

(Find some of his demos, if you don't know this guy yet.)

And again thanks to eNeRGy/dAWN for the hints and the static lib!

So here's the static lib and some example code in asm: PtkReplay.7z


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Hi alaphate.

I tested your version and it runs fine for me.

I hope yu load the *.ptk not the *ptp located in

Ufo's sample.

Yu have to load the uncompressed modules!

Download here:

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Any chance you can compile this is as a .obj Object file? so I can use it in Delphi..

hmi222 compiled the lib, not me.

But you might try what google says:

Microsofts lib.exe:

to extract obj from lib:

lib /extract:<objname> /out:<objfile> <libfile>

then use coff2omf from delphi distribution to convert format

I guess hmi222 could give you obj files, but I'm sure it would be

several files, not only one. Would that still fit in delphi?

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except ptd files

As hmi222 said, don't try the pre-compressed ones (.ptp).

They are only meant to get played by the small player lib.

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HI i'm new in this topic and i wanna ask from you  Ufo-Pu55y and all tuts4you memebers that if any methde to convert *.ptk and *.ptp to  *.xm or any other extention readabale by patchers like dup2 or uPPP

and thanks alot

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