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Bypass Skype API access control?

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Good day,

I'm trying to automate some stuff using Skype and it's API (Skype4COM.dll). Everything is fine, however, when you access Skype COM for the first time, then it spits out a dialog like this:


So you need to click some dialogs in order to confirm your application to use Skype. So I'm scratching my head, how to bypass this ugly dialog. Seems trivial, but I'm completelly stuck at the moment. I did small investigation with ProcMon - Skype stores confirmed plugin data in C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Skype\Skypename\config.xml , however its SHA256 encrypted and unique for each plugin and its location, so, no way to copy and paste the configuration file. Simulating mouse clicks seems too lame/unreliable. And I have no experience in reverse engineering/hooks/low level API. So I would be really grateful for even a small hint or idea about bypassing it. I saw, there are many Skype worms(contact list spreaders), but, to my ashtonishement, can't find any sources.

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