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BASS static lib v.2.4

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great! It seems like a mod music version, without BASS_SampleLoad.

How can I use it in C or C++?

BTW, the simple player source may have some bugs.

It should not free resources during WM_DESTROY message,

It should process these actions during WM_CLOSE message.

Thank you.

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While I appreciate your attempts to share a working bass lib..

do you actually test your attachments at all?

I mean does it still play the supported formats?

Also what are you trying to achieve compared to the

(at least 100% working) bass lib posted by ghandi?

I'm just curious, since all your libs look quite damaged over here..

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The updated static lib may have some bugs when using BASS_SampleLoad.

Here is the main code and full project attached.

The project has been tested with original lib with no errors.

int main()
if(!BASS_Init( -1, 44100, 128, 0, 0)) {
printf("BASS_Init failed! \n");
return 1;
HSAMPLE hMusic =0;
hMusic = BASS_SampleLoad(false, ".\\bird.mp3\0", 0, 0, 1, 0);
if(!hMusic) {
printf("hMusice = 0 \n");
return 1;
hMainFX = BASS_SampleGetChannel(hMusic, FALSE);
if(!hMainFX) {
printf("hMainFX = 0 \n");
return 1;
BASS_ChannelPlay(hMainFX, FALSE);
printf("press any key to stop the music!");
return 0;


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