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suggestion to aguila


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i dont not if its ok to create anew theard but i think there is missing some helpfull feature in scylla

1.well the first its you have to calculate OEP cuz of imagebase changes like in Imprec it calcualtes automatactly


you write in imprec 1000 oep its calcultes autoatcly to 00401000 (exemple)

and if you write in scylla it just write its wrong

2.also the problem with deleting imports you have to select one be one what you want remove

but in imprec you have abillty to remove the wrong in once

3.also in imprec when you dissambly it finds automatacly which import is it like in pecompact imports destroy

and in syllla you have to look manully at the import

if you dont understand something i will try to explain myself again

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1.) Scylla uses VAs. I have never understood why imprec uses RVAs. If you use a debugger like ollydbg you see always the VAs. With scylla you can copy/paste the address and it just works without any calculation. This is the point: with imprec you need to calculate, with scylla you can simply copy/paste. I don't understand why you need to calculate the VA?

2.) "show invalid" or "show select" + "cut selected" doesnt work?

3.) I will improve the dis***embler soon. It is already on my todo list.

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Teddy Rogers

I checked the bad word filter and it shouldn't have filtered the ass in disassembler. However I removed it anyway as I don't deem it to be that vulgar a word in this day and age.

I also deleted some other archaic filters from waaay back in the early days of the board...


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