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Site for reverse engineering tutorials


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My name is Random and I have been in the reversing community for a long time. I have started a site offering what I hope to be a long list of tutorials on reverse engineering. I have been doing this quite a while and I really just felt like I owed it to all the people who helped me learn what I know to give something back. I know, I know, "Another site for cracking tutorials", ...great. But hey, I'm just trying to be more active in the community.

Anyway, the site is http://www.TheLegendOfRandom.com/blog/

The first several tuts are done.

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I have now finished the eighth tutorial on reverse engineering, as well as some additional tutorials on other RCE topics. Hope you guys have a chance to check them out...

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I have also finished an intermediate tutorial on adding a menu item to a binary. It's pretty fun what you can do with it :)

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I really like the tutorials that are not just "cracking" but modifing an application via code caves ect... good work..

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Tutorials #11 and #12 are done, as well as an intermediate tutorial on making windows and dialog boxes non-closeable.


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Part 2 and 3 of tutorial #16 is up, as well as #17.

#16 is about bruteforcing and #17 is about reverse engineering Delphi binaries.

Hope you enjoy!


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Tutorial #18 is up: Time Trials and Hardware Breakpoints.


And teddy, please read the intro before you ban it from the tuts4you tutorials downloads :)

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R4ndom i cant download some of your tutorials, i get a disconnect everytime and cant reconnect. 

ill add a list tmro which ones.

cheers for the your tutorial series! good job!

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