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Specular space 3d delphi


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Hello everyone, how do I create this effect? When I click on the About button, check a form with specular space. I do not know exactly what it's called the effect, but I think it uses OpenGL. Thanks! P. S. Sorry for my bad English.

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Seeing as you're the one asking and you cannot give a name, perhaps you could provide a description of what this effect does to facilitate the help process?

Specular is defined as:

spec·u·lar (spebreve.gifkprime.gifyschwa.gif-lschwa.gifr)


Of, resembling, or produced by a mirror or speculum.

specprime.gifu·lar·ly adv.

This doesn't lend much to the description to me, if i'm wrong disregard my post please.



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Ah, so like the OpenGL cube examples, etc? Nice output of the demo though, always wanted to look at this stuff but haven't gotten around to it.

Thanks for the example code, i always keep a copy of this sort of thing when it get shared, 'just in case'. ;)



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