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[FishMe] TPoDT FishMe #1a


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Hello Tuts4You,

I also posted this fishme on the rept board, but decided to let you guys also enjoy.

Fishing can be considered very easy, keygenning easy to normal. Can be different for you guys though...

Download here

Solution is a keygen or a fished serial, tutorial is appreciated.


Mr. eXoDia

PS Please use the

tag to hide serials/methods to crack this one.

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interesting mr.exodia

the goal is try to do there 00403083 this jump is not taken ^^

but if put a pass as "12" it will crash !!


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From a keygen:








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Important values ​​can be found here [esp+14] and [esp+12]. First value xored from I_serial, second value xored from modified_MD5(I_serial) they must be equal. But how to solve i don't understand )))

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@ChOoki: Good job, I actually expected you to be the first one solving this..

@HMX0101: I wasn't even aware of the fact it's CRC16 xD, thanks for the tut though!

Good job all

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