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[unpackme] Themida & Aspack 2.1.2 MultiProtect


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Hhhmmm,so if I shall rate it then I would say 1 of 10. :) You ask why?So you just need to unpack Aspack which is the second layer.Also your file does not use any IAT RD so the only thing what you have to do is to break on OEP / Dump / Fix / Done.

So if you want to protect your files with double layers then you should know this that they are mostly just added also in 2 single parts....

Protection Layer 1

Protection Layer 2

....so if you reach the EP of layer 2 then it starts a new unpack process of only ASPack in your case.The layers are not connected so I mean they have nothing to do with each other and thats the main problem if you want to use 2 diffrent layers so that you think AHA I do protect the file twice and now its hard to unpack etc you know.So in your case I have choose first ASPack and then TM to make it a bit little [0.x %] harder to unpack.Try to find a way how you can connect both layers to make a unpack process harder.Something like this you know.


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thanks for feedback so aspack protection wasnt done by me its how it been in original i only add Themida and iwasnt striving for extreme hard but just to know how you guys deal with this

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They are part of the Themida SDK and you need to insert the macros into your project and recompile it. That will increase the protection strength but its depending on how and where you insert them...


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