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[KeygenMe] KeygenMe #17


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This KGM is a result of quite a lot of research, so I hope you'll like it. smile.png

You'll need to be good with cryptography to solve this.

The difficulty depends on the person solving it.

  • Compiler: Delphi 7
  • Difficulty: 5 / 10
  • Accepted solutions: serial, keygen

If you solve this properly by making a keygen, I will send you a prize by PM. smile.png


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A combination from a keygen:

Name: With Love!

Serial : 356E694C99707D51DD1BB7604DB46DA1-435801E98A1A1288B89322117FCE5EAE-2AE514630DFD2E45DEC20ADED10B74BF-6AA7629E8FC6A215B6F154EAB655A903

Thanks for the challenge, can I have that prize now? smile.png

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Well done, ChOoKi. Good work, as always! :)

Thanks for the challenge, can I have that prize now?

Sure. Writing PM now...

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Nice! Good job DE! smile.png

What gave away the signature scheme? How did you figure it out?

Been reading about digital signatures and homomorphic functions for some time already...its a leftover of a project i once did... and i knew about Paillier ... but i remember the "exp mod n²" which also came back in your code when doing the verify

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