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[keygenme] Keygen Me .Net


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Language: .net

Level: 9/10

Packer: N/A


A valid keygen for it

Serial Fishing is acceptable, Not Patch

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Teddy Rogers

The [keygenme] tag has been added to your topic title.

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My solution to this keygenme. Lazarus / Freepascal code is included.

The bruteforce algo isn't optimised but included just for reference.

Also added my notes to the archive.


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DE!, what did you use for jit sniffing ? smile.png

Lol... find it easier to just copy and paste parts of code from olly into notepad and make my notes in there... bah... old habbit ... from ICEEE where you had to take printscreens wink.png

Edited by DE!
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