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A new reputation bug?


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I wanted to thank someone for his nice post and discovered that you can thank youself :lol:

See it yourself @ http://bayimg.com/MaoDjAAdc

Can be because of my dad's win98 opera 11.50 configuration though...


Mr. eXoDia

EDIT: Reputation does get increased btw...

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Teddy Rogers

That is not a bug. IP.Board actually has a setting (defaulted) for board members to give themselves a reputation score. It can be disabled if required... dunno.gif


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Anyways, my setting would be: Disable :)

Thanks for the quick reply btw!

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In my profile:

Group (Junior+)

Active Posts 19

Profile Views 1,313

Member Title Kernel Develpment

Age 20 years old

Birthday September 16, 1991

Gender Male

Location %SystemRoot%

2012 - 1991 = 20? It's right? Hehe tongue.png

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Just what i was about to say, it doesn't count partial years and you are 20 years old, turning 21 no?

Sure, counting from year to year, you get 21 years.

But if you take into account that your birth month is the 9th month of the year, it is a bit much to expect a full year being counted for the 3 months it took to complete that year and the 4.5 or so months we've had of 2012...



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