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I generate some rsa keys with lockbox(c++ builder xe2) now if i whant us this keys i get an error invalid integer value:

Her the keys i whant us:

Puplic exponent E=EB0C

Modulus N=75E7D3A2D3BC5366050B13B0D149479E8997EA705ABFE096528E9967DA0D763DCDC8B814F12BC005F08838350889832C67AFBEBCE3ECA772B8EA04F81C215A45FDC80CC29294F7E1474B656B8741AB6B8CDDB52274EF230E283F7DC4C570D855

Private exponent D=C3C37306BB25C9FFE62EE26B9393FF1986612B9A5256C5EF1A7BFEED58C3CDAB482F12DBAF751AB72C60737C3B0E0B421210A80DCF431B88ACD946A32AC7F90980E73BC6A7607E12F6133AF2D48048393C3E0AD89E0A150A3C86AB618E929B46

The keys looks like littel endian to me but i am not sure.

This is the code i us to gen the rsa keys:

void __fastcall TForm1::btnCreateKeysClick(TObject *Sender)


Screen->Cursor = crHourGlass;



StatusBar1->SimpleText = "Generating key pair, this may take a while";

try {

GenerateRSAKeysEx(PrivateKey, PublicKey, TLbAsymKeySize(cbxKeySize->ItemIndex),

StrToIntDef(edtIterations->Text, 20), 0);

edtPublicE->Text = PublicKey->Exponent->IntStr;

edtPublicM->Text = PublicKey->Modulus->IntStr;//Intstr intostring

edtPrivateE->Text = PrivateKey->Exponent->IntStr;//same

edtPrivateM->Text = PrivateKey->ModulusAsString;//same


catch (...) {

} // swallow any errors

Screen->Cursor = crDefault;

StatusBar1->SimpleText = "";


Ther is no code on the lockbox for big endian or base 10 to 64 conversion.

How i can us this keys?

I hope this is the right place if not please move it to the right section.

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1. By 'LockBox' do you mean TurboPower LockBox available from SourceForge for Delphi? http://sourceforge.n...ects/tplockbox/

I've been searching Google but the only ones i can find have been for Delphi and it all ends up pointing back to SourceForge, if you mean another crypto library can you provide a link to their homepage or something please?.

It is this lib and its not only available for delphi her is the link for the c++ builder version:


I testet this lib http://www.di-mgt.co..._alg.html#note2 <--crashes after i compile the example with out any reason.

To gen are rsa key with lockbox for c++ builder i us this examble:


Its automatet generation of the keys your see it on the second link i postet.

And the orther libs of rsa dont work with c++ builder (not visual studio) i us embarcadero.

The only one how works are littel bit correct is fgint (it need to be convertet to c++ builder version).

her is the link i found the info about lockbox for c++ builder:


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The first link i know but the lib is 46 mb <---how whants that his shared file gets from 8 kb to 9 mb?

And Miracl is not compatible with c++ builder xe/xe2

I check it some day if hate more time.

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larger than 1

careful, it has to be reasonable large! Was it smartftp that got genned because it was using an E of 173?

There`s no reason not to use the good, old 10001h. :)

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I compile the miracl lib but this examble fact.exe,factor.exe dont work for me i get this message from the exe files.

I dont us this #define mr_dltype __int64 ->define mr_dltype __int64

or this #define mr_unsign64 unsigned __int64 ->define mr_unsign64 unsigned __int64

Now way the test exe files dont work.


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check the architecture of

-the fact.exe file

-your os

does miracl link to dll? if so -> architecture?

Also check the notes on cimpiling ofr different architecutres in the miracle docs.

Call me blind and stupid, but i wasnt able to find a working dl link for miracl? O.O

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No i link the lib file with this parems on the mirdef.h32

#define MIRACL 32 //means x86 os

#define MR_LITTLE_ENDIAN //her i can define big endian to

#define mr_unsign32 unsigned int

#define MR_IBITS 32

#define MR_LBITS 32

#define MR_FLASH 52


#define mr_utype int

#define MR_SPECIAL //this is for primes like this 2#224-2#96+1

#define MR_EDWARDS //this is the EDWARDS method

#define MR_KCM 16 //is used for cm.cpp cm.cpp need this to MR_SPECIAL to gen formula for P =2#224-2#96+1 *

#define MAXBASE ((mr_small)1<<(MIRACL-1))

I read the docs , then is us the bc32doit.bat but the exe files dont work i get the msg from above.

her is the mircal zip file if some on whant it: https://rapidshare.c...8614/miracl.zip

*cm=Program tries to find Elliptic Curve mod a prime P and point of prime order

that is a point (X,Y) on the curve y^2=x^3+Ax+B of order R

where R is large and prime > |P/K|. (K defaults to 256)

Now says me how you see somthing about x64? on the mirdef.h32

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