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Hi Guys & Girls Can help me? ... [About IT & MO3 Player]


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how to make a *. it [impulse Tracker] & *. mo3 [Compressed Modules] player with Delphi or C + + without the DLL, is there anything that has ever posted? ... may I know the link?

whether Un4Seen.com provide Source Code / *. DCU [Delphi Componnent unit] Bass.dll? ...

Thx B4!...cowboy.gif



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Un4seen has never released source code.

For C++ you should be able to find some other sources (http://sourceforge.net/projects/modplug/). For Delphi - I don't think so, but you could try linking modplug prom Delphi too.

If you want to use BASS, it's possible to convert DLL to LIB file and then link it statically, but it's really hard to do it right. See DLL2LIB tool from binary-soft.com

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I made a static version of the BASS.dll for Delphi and I use it often. You can download it here:

It's version 2.4.6 though, I haven't updated it to the latest. I included the DLLTools I used to create it.

I couldn't find the site where I downloaded the DLLTools anymore.

To use it, just add DLLLoader and bass_static to your uses and then you can use all BASS functions.

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I actually wanted to make a simple Media Player which can play a variety of extensions without having to call a function from *.dll, unless the default of the Operating System. and does not require Codecs / Plug-ins, so I asked her about it.

I was just googling with keywords "how to make Extended Module Player with Delphi" and I have not tried it, whether this Source Code *. SID player for Pascal?

URL : http://www.koders.co....aspx?s=pos#L17

maybe not all people have tried to use the Extended Module is:

-Toilet Story 1

-In Your Arms




I try to play with uFMod & BeRoXM sound is messed up but with XMPlay, MMP, MPC sound right.

I uploaded that I compile with BASS, & Bero UFMOD XM. [550KB]

and this is what I want to develop


Direct Sound Mixer :

Modules To Pas Converter [using Bass] : http://forum.tuts4yo...terzip-51723-kb

@ Kao : I've tried but it really messed up, I was confused to distinguish between the Code with Comments.

I think too many functions, it not only plays but also composing.

Open MPT :


SC *.NSF Player :


I think too many functions, it not only plays but also composing.

Another :

*.Sid Player : http://forum.tuts4yo...&attach_id=3393

Mod Plug Player : http://www.torry.net...a/audio/mpp.zip



@ Ghandi : Ok, I think, to adapt it takes hard work.

@Saduff : What has been tried? and what about the Copyright provisions developers about this thing? is it safe to be widely? ....

o ye Saduff or whoever, maybe I do not need to make a new thread for this question, it is also possible if you have time to read it, how to make the series is varied?

example: a user name it had more than one series?

Name: User1

1st Password: 111111

Password 2nd: 22 222

3rd Password: AAAAA

4th Password: ZZZZZZ and so on.

I usually wear something like this:

procedure TFZ.BGClick (Sender: TObject);


Result: Integer;


if (Length (E1.Text) = 0) or

(Length (E1.Text) < 5) then


ShowMessage ('Minimum: 5' + # 13 # 10 +'or Empty');





for Result: = 0 to Length (E1.Text) do


Blah Blah, Blah

Blah Blah, Blah

Blah Blah, Blah

Blah Result , Blah


if E2.Text <> IntToHex (Ord (Result), Length (E1.Text)) then

ShowMessage ('Serial Incorect')


ShowMessage ('Serial Correct');



certainly has its disadvantages such as the following,

if the length of each other Character Username = 6,

then the serial is the same.

@ Kao, Ghandi & Saduff : Thank you very much!! .....


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