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[CrackMe/KeygenMen] My first try


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Okay so i was bored and wanted to test my skills with pw crypting and such.

This is my first crack me keygen me so please give me tips about next one because you will probably crack this one really easy smile.png

No patching! I want to know my pw i forgot it and it stored as hash in .usr file in Data folder tongue.png



Please Rate ?/10

Download is at bottom in attachment smile.png


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"Sg!z@.5FS^B2d>d6$^?23bjvv#Q+x4" (no quotes).

Hint #1: Stolen Themida does not provide adequate security for .NET applications;

Hint #2: Strong cryptography, when used incorrectly, does not provide more security than simple XOR encryption;

I will not comment on difficulty, I don't want to offend anyone. wink.png

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Hadits follower

It was easy


Download my cracked rar and then use this

Username: Death

Password: any kind of password will acceptable


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