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Updated_Keygen Template in MASM

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File Name: Updated_Keygen Template in MASM

File Submitter: genocide

File Submitted: 20 Mar 2012

File Updated: 27 Mar 2012

File Category: Source Code

This is just a simple keygen template ,hopefully

useful for newbies like me , to know asm coding. The source codes are from :

1) ziggy's keygen for keygen me #01

2) text scroller from diablo2002

3) Nice "About " dlg box by EGOiST

4) Example of Playing .xm in asm by ALiEN

5) Some codes from ImportREC by MackT

A big thanks to all above . Hope they won't mind it cowboy.gif

Any suggestions are welcome cc_chinese.gif

Thanks to mudlord for suggestions cowboy.gif

=[Read the read me file inside]=

Click here to download this file

Edited by genocide (see edit history)
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1) Scroller flickers, when it shouldn't.

2) Ripped code could be tidied up.

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