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[Unpackme] Sheilden


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Uses the licensing system of Sheilden, plus all antidebug/obfuscation options, except the VM.

Keysize is RSA-1024, using HWID locking.

This is my own Gameboy emulator, packed with it. Hopefully the txt file is enough proof of this. smile.png

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@ mudlord

Do you can also create this unpackme without license key checking etc?The same file just packed on the same way. :)


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http://mudlord.info/...bx_unpackme.exe has no licensing system activated. Should work on XP because I dynamically load Direct2D and Xinput. Uses no protection APIs because the core is not mature enough. Like I rather have the core mature before implementing because then triggers could be mistaken for actual emulator core bugs.

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Hmm very good packer. Even im not able to bypass the debugBlocker cc_confused.gif

Yeah, I'm amazed. Pretty good quality for a freeware protector. O.O

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@ mudlord

Thanks for the only packed file without license.So I have test it and get one major problem with your file so it does NOT run it crashes on my system XP SP3 if I want to run it normaly.There are missing xy addresses.Here my infos so far.

$-8      > 00418EB1  mugbx_un.00418EB1   <---- 1. OEP used command  
$-4 > 00539512 mugbx_un.00539512
$ ==> > 7C817067 RETURN to kernel32.7C817067
004133F7 CALL 00418EB1 ; OEP call rebuild
004133FC JMP 0041328A ; mugbx_un.0041328A
IAT: = fixed
$ ==> 0>77DB557B ADVAPI32.RegDeleteKeyW
$+4 0>77DB49AE ADVAPI32.RegQueryInfoKeyW
$+8 0>77DA6FEF ADVAPI32.RegQueryValueExW
$+C 0>77DA775C ADVAPI32.RegCreateKeyExWEnd:
$+318 0>774CD060 ole32.CoTaskMemAlloc
$+31C 0>00000000

Crash Info of original file:

00411220 PUSH EBP
00411221 MOV EBP,ESP
00411223 SUB ESP,0C
00411226 PUSH EDI
00411227 PUSH 0
00411229 MOV EDI,EAX
0041122B MOV EAX,DWORD PTR SS:[EBP+8] // 00CB2B70 to eax
0041122E MOV EAX,DWORD PTR DS:[EAX+C] // 00000000 to eax
00411231 MOV ECX,DWORD PTR DS:[EAX] // crash
$ ==> 00CB2B70 00426FB8 mugbx_un.00426FB8
$+4 00CB2B74 00186060
$+8 00CB2B78 00000000
$+C 00CB2B7C 00000000 <--- Nothing into = crash above | Missing value!!!
$+10 00CB2B80 00000000

Maybe you can check this and fix this problem and send a working unpackme or a other one.Maybe this does not work because my directX version or something no idea etc.Use something else without special stuff like directX or other things [i mean no game/play special dlls which maybe not work on all systems whatever so you know what I mean rigt?]. :)


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thanks for the new unpackme which works now on my system. smile.png

Ok here my unpacked files.

Test and tell whether its working for you.

Info: Sheilden = NoobyProtect [Emu APIs & VMed commands] smile.png


hello LCF-AT ! where is the packed files? can you upload it ?

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@ wuqing1501

So you can see the link on this topic too. smile.png

Anyway so I attach the UnpackMe here on board now so its better than to use some extern links.


3Q LCF-AT ! you are so stong !

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