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Hey guys,

Anyone having the source code to StrongOD plugin for Olly?

Or can anyone tell me what Kernelmode option is doing when using the StrongOD plugin.

I am in the middle of developing my own plugin that actually works on Win7 or Win8 so far most (read all)

Olly plugins are failing on the new Windows versions.

best regards


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The source will probably never be released for a plugin like that.

Far better option would be to read Peter Ferrie's papers on antidebugs and write a plugin from scratch to combat each of those.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've started writing my own plugin following the anti-debug reference from Peter Ferrie.

What I am facing is the following:

I am playing with the CloseHandle anti-debug trick where either an invalid handle is being thrown to NtClose API which throws an exception


Now the problem I am facing is the fact that with IDA Stealth plugin the anti-debug trick is perfectly defeated on XP, but refuses to work on Windows 7.

So I downloaded the source code of the plugin:

// skip KiRaiseUserExceptionDispatcher for INVALID_HANDLE exceptions

void __declspec(naked) NTAPI KiRaiseUserExceptionDispatcherHook()





push eax

// get current exception code from PEB

mov eax, fs:[0x18]

mov eax, [eax+0x1A4]

cmp eax, 0xC0000008

jnz call_orig

pop eax




pop eax


jmp [origKiRaiseUED]



Code is pretty simple where it checks the Process Environment Block for the exception code INVALID_HANDLE.

Can anyone explain to me why Windows 7 is so different to XP, as on XP it's working fine but on Windows 7 it refuses to work.

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