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Download Counts On Download Sections


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Hello Ted ,

Is Possible The Download Count Is Bigger Than The Views Count?

When Done Downloading , The Download Count Are Not + 1 , But + More Than 1 When I Download Something...

But When I Turned Off The Download Accelerator Programs and Download On Download Sections , The Download Counts Are +1 Normally.

Just Want Let You Know , About The Download Counts is Not Accurate When User Using Download Accelerator Programs.

Thanks Ted.

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Here is the example Ted...


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i Think This Is Because Download Accelerator Programs Ted , Because When I Download Without Using Accelerator Programs The Counts Are Working Fine.Or Maybe Problem From IP. Downloads.

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Sorry to interrupt,

Another bug or problem may be, before when a skin was uploaded or posted, it automatically showed up the screenshots. But now it isn't, please have a check out, I am just posting two images for comparison and your reference. help.gif



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It possibly explains it. I can file it as a bug report with IPS or on IPS' bug tracker if you like?


Yes Ted... ,

Many Thanks , If You Submit This Problem To Them... , Let Them Check For It and Wait Their Answer , What Was That..^^

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  • 3 weeks later...

Also working for me.DL message pop up after some seconds also with disabled Java in browser.So what happend if you press the "click here" line or if you enter the DL manually?


Maybe you changed something into your browser etc.


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