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[keygenme] Multi Level [1-3]


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Second level : efi-236

Third level :

Name : Dyers Eve

code : ffffj6ODQ4Njk2MQ==

But there's a error/bug in the function to BASE64 decode... @

00454D83 |. DD1D 048C4500 fstp qword ptr [458C04]

00454D89 |. 9B wait

00454D8A |. E8 0DFCFFFF call 0045499C

00454D8F |. EB 20 jmp short 00454DB1

on my system it checks "0.6151" with "0,6151" ... Probably related to the regional settings.. decimal symbol

Update : I changed my "Decimal symbol" in the regional settings to "." and now it checks correctly... Seems the check fails when anything else beside a "." is used as decimal symbol.

Also, When using DE!MCC i'm getting a popup telling me that the name must be over 5 chars.. same when trying DEMCCC..Bug :)

Edited by DE!
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