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[UnpackMe] Themida 2.1.8 UnpackMe


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Please Unpack and rate it's difficulty and my be a little tut about unpacking method in new version.

Hint : This file was protected with maximum options with latest version ( Cracked version ) of themida.


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nice new unpackme but its too low protected. :)

2 VM entrys are easy to fix.

So the only new stuff which I see is the OEP routine change.Was this made by TM or by you Magician? :) So I think this was made by you right?So I have also rebuild the OEP routine commands to reduce more the filesize later.



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Thanks for unpack dear LCF-AT

yes oep changed by me , i think this make finding oep a little harder ( its seems that i think wrong :D )

please make a little tut about unpacking this version


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@ Magician

"its seems that i think wrong" <-- Yes :)

So you just used some mov push xor etc calc so you can easy read the registers & push [addrs] & calls too. :) Not so hard to rebuild the rest of the routine.

Unpacking is alomst like always so no tuto necessary.


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Hi All,

I am newbie

BUt, my unpacked ->


Sorry for mi english, i speak spanish smile.png


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