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[keygenme] keygen me 3 By BEHESHT


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Thanks for the challenge, a very easy one I think, explained below:

  1. serial must be 20 chars long made of 3 parts : xxxx--------xxxxxxxx <-- p1,p2,p3
  2. p3 = random(8 chars)
  3. p2 = ElfHash(p3)
  4. i = hextoint(1st 2 chars in p2)
  5. p1 = Crc32Hash(p2)
  6. if i <> 0 then begin for j := 1 to i do begin temp = Crc32Hash (p1); p1 = temp; end;
  7. serial = copy(p1,3,4) + p2 + p3



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Nice solution. It would be nice if you provide some paper or video tut over it.

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