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Live Malware Samples...

Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers

Thought I would start a topic with a list of places to find malware samples. Feel free to post other sources if you have any... and remember live samples will be harmful to your computer so if you don't know what your doing and/or how to work with malware don't read any further for the sake of your own sanity...

Malware Domain List : http://www.malwaredomainlist.com/mdl.php

Malware Blacklist : http://www.malwareblacklist.com/showMDL.php


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it`s remarkable how authorities seem to manage to shutdown educational places, while missing out on the actually illegal ones...

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My two cents:

Contagio Malware Dump: Free; password required
FreeTrojanBotnet: Free; registration required
MalShare: Free; registration required
Malware DB: Free
Objective-See Collection: Free; Mac malware
Virusign: Free
VirusBay: Free; registration required

I delete some duplicates which are mentioned in the above posts.

Comes from https://zeltser.com/malware-sample-sources

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