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[PE Edit] add new code/data section


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Hi guys, i am trying to add new code or data section to an existing PE file. for eg: calc.exe from windows7

I am doing this for education research.

I discovered PELIB opensource library but it is not updated and there's a limit to what it can do. I have no problem

adding section for c++ console applications but it doesnt add new section for calc.exe due to limited header size.

I was wondering if anyone have any other open source and useful PE editor or PE maker... i need the library

and not the tools. something i can code with.

PE EDITOR 1.7 - yoda

CFF explorer

Both are great tools but i need the library to perform my own calls. help please.

Thanks in advance.

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thx aguila but it possible to have lordpe source codes or api library? i am in need of a PE editor library to add new section properly to a PE file.

or are you saying that once i have realign and validate my PE using realign.dll then i can successfully add new section with the PELIB.

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Hm take are look at titanengine this is what you searching for.

It is are very good explainet lib for c/c++.

Merry Christmas.

Hey mate, titanengine works well. thanks alot! merrry christmas.

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