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[UnpackMe] Test5


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first i should thanks 2buddy.

1.LCF-AT for giving me Some IDEA

2.AntiCDLock to cause me have a brief analyse on WinLic (im so lazy:) )

i know LCF released a tut for this unpackme, also i watched it, but i didnt used her UnPack Style... i tried to Discover new way (for myself) to force winlic

Fix Import for me by itself.

file UnPacked+CPUID Anti Dump Patched + 1bundle file recovered. (Test5.txt)

Level: 3 / 10

Kind Regards



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Hi Dear Raham,

Thx for working on this target, gr8 job and correct. [ section added same stolen RL & ... ]

but has a broblem: if you click on button must be messagebox show !!!

If you can make a tut and share that.


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Thanks Dear Raham and LCF-AT for gr8 works,


File Size reducing is very good method.

if can make a little tut and attach to your nice old tut (+ extract text file)


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